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Apple Cider Vinegar

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We have an orchard close by that sells full strength ACV.

I rather enjoy taste in 8 oz. I’m intending to get some local honey and try that with it just for a change of pace. I was so glad to read the comments on here. Certainly, I was worried about acid and my teeth so I do drink it from a straw. ACV is great for arthritic swelling, pain, and stiffness. Now look. As long as I down less than a tablespoon of ACV in a 68″ oz glass of water with a light pinch of Baking Soda, stiffness is gone in about 15 20″ minutes, I have awakened with joint stiffness. My daughter swears by it for her occasional carpal tunnel flareups. Chugging ACV straight ain’t a perfect idea does horrible things to tothroat/esophagus/glottal area of neck AND stomach lining after all.

ACV is best mixed with oil herbs for a salad or diluted in a large glass of water.

2 3″ tablespoons is way to much.

In a sitting, 1 3″ teaspoons is more appropriate. That said, just as long as it is considered a natural remedy does not mean you must overdo. Just keep reading! Burning your throat going down, indicates what this acid is doing as it heads ward stomach where body must converts it into an alkaline solution. Over consumption harms your stomach and throat. Plenty of people combat this by adding a pinch of baking soda to neutralize toACV’s acidity. Just happened to stumble on your website by accident. With that said, I make raw apple cider nearly any year and freeze it. I was Googling to see what health benefits there a lot and keep up great work! I look forward to following your blog. I had mastectomy done, and now having completed 4th chemo, To be honest I heard about apple cider vinegar.


I LOVE Bragg’s ACV By the way I drink it mixed with water, love to taste. I’m getting my stomach back in shape since taking generic Prilosec for some time. You see, I would look into bentonite clay. However, living clay to be specific but I like Sonne’s eliminate what looked like.basal cell carcinoma on my arm. Just left it on all day. Now pay attention please.. I’ve used 12 food grade hydrogen peroxide applied on my chest on what looked like melanoma. Basically, very dark redish skin lesions, small ones. I since stuff burns, applied it with an othpick I wanted to only get it on where needed. So, it hurt for about a half hour.

It’s gone now I’d say if you eat ACV on your salad. Take a wad of ROMAINE lettuce and chew it like gum for abut 515″ minutes to ‘remineralize’ your teeth intention to eliminate those sensitive teeth. This is to case. With that said, this, much to my surprise, works! Now let me tell you something. Something else that works on teeth sensitivity, pain, and gum health is OilPulling. Actually, check it out!. My condition of acid reflux was worsening so I tried ACV and within one day burning acidy feeling disappeared. I think ACV also wiped out some intestinal bacteria. It’s delicous! I just wish there was a way ACV going to be given to dogs. Now please pay attention. My friends dog has cancer. I want to ask you something. ACV could have been made into a capsule??

Question for you.

Have you ever tried Coconut sap vinegar?

It looks like it may be 100 times as potent as ACV. Check this out. Chris, thanks for sharing this!I heard from my sister that her friend’s grandpa at 80+ was diagnosed with colon cancer final stage. Doctor predicted 3 months and it’s game over for him. His family decided on alternatives, since he is every morning and organic food all to way. Month later, he followed up with to doctor. From stage 4, he is in stage 2 after a month. Seriously. Doctor is naturally surprised with results! I recently started giving my cat ACV mixed with purified water in a dropper. He takes it fine. When his back legs went out, he had an incident, less than a week ago. You should take it into account. I don’t know it was a stroke, heart attack / swelling, sepsis blood infection causing all the above-mentioned, bone cancer or tumor.but I used DMSO with a q tip on his spine, gave him ACV, sea salt and folic acid.

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