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Bizarre Home Remedies

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Home Remedies You’d be surprised what bizarre secrets your cupboards are keeping secret from you, before you run out to the store to get sticker remover or enail fungus spray look around your house.

Try these home remedies and share them with your friends.

They’ll save you lots of money and are great icebreakers to talk about at your next cocktail event! Dr, So if there were this kind of an award. Harvey Karp must win the Doctor of the Millennium Prize for giving new parents a fighting chance for a decent night’s sleep with his research on how to calm down fussy infants. With that said, coined The Happiest Baby on the Block, Harvey teaches how to elicit baby’s innate calming reflexes through what he calls the 5 S’ Swaddling, shushing, sucking, sidelaying, and shaking. Considering the above said. Start to implement the 5 S’s early and you’ll find yourself sleeping through the night in a wink!

Home RemediesNow let me ask you something. Then the usefulness of duct tape in healing warts is all over the Internet -covering warts with duct tape eliminates them better than freezing methods as the chemicals in the tape suffocate and kill the wart -but did you know that duct tape is the most effective ways to prevent poison ivy from spreading as well?

Duct tape actually helps suck the urushiol right out of your skin, quite similar basics apply like with warts.

Tear a small piece of duct tape and place it over any blister or redish spot since you suspect a real poser. You must wash the affected area first and reapply tape at least once a day.

Doing this will in the event you bump facing a hard surface.

While rolling your feet over a bottle of frozen water does wonders for sore feet, used by physical therapists.

Cryotherapy reduces inflammation, decreases pain, and helps foot muscles regain proper range of motion Whether cowboy boots all day,, or you wear high heels. Athletes use cryotherapy extensively to I know it’s suspected that alkaline properties of baking soda reduce bacteria’s ability to multiply in the bladder.

Combined with a cranberry juice regimen, as a rule of a thumb, be able manage an urinary tract infection really.

At the first sign of a UTI drink a solution made with a quarter teaspoon of baking soda mixed in eight water ounces.

Follow that with two cranberry glasses juice. Repeat this twice a day until symptoms get better. Study in the American Journal of Physiology Gastrointestinal and Liver Physiology found that ginger effectively reduces nausea, tachygastric activity, and vasopressin release induced by circular vection. Ginger acts as an effective home remedy to prevent motion sickness. You should take it into account. Try steeping some ginger in boiling hot water for 10 minutes to make fresh tea that you can acquire your next car or plane trip.


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