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Blood Pressure Chart By Age

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<p>blood pressure chart by age” align=”right” /> It all drills down to body composition. Looks completely different, check this before and after picture, in which she weighs similar before and after. Bottom number represents diastolic blood pressure. </p>
<h4> So that’s the measurement of blood pressure when the heart relaxes between the beats. </h4>
<p> Bottom number is the lower of the two numbers. Usually, so it’s since less pressure is exerted on the walls of the arteries when the heart relaxes. And therefore the blood pressure readings for children are different from those of adults. However, in similar way, the blood pressure readings differ slightly among children and on p of that among adults as pointed out by their age. Whenever giving the approximate ranges in which adult’s and children’s normal blood pressure is expected to lie, the blood pressure chart below summarizes these differences. Then the p number represents systolic blood pressure. Notice, this refers to the measurement of blood pressure when the heart beats. </p>
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