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Botox on the face

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Botox on the face These two locations make up the FDA authorized locations for facial Botox in a cosmetic sense. There are other locations on the face – in fact lots of other locations – which have actually not gotten FDA approval, but these have been commonly provided for the previous decade. And Botox injections in these other locations of the face is considered off label FDA for Botox usage.

Botox on the face As of the writing of this Botox blog site which is November, 23, Cosmetic Botox on the face is FDA approved for use in the glabellar complex and the crows feet. The glabellar complex is sometimes called the 11’s” or the frown lines between the eyes. It is comprised of more than one muscle – hence it’s a complex of muscles. And the crows feet, sometimes called fish tail, area of the eyes is the lateral wrinkles to the sides of the eyes.

Botox on the face It appears to me that a lot of dynamic lines eventually becomes static lines. Therefore Botox works amazingly well in my viewpoint in preventing fixed lines. This effect of Botox is among it’s finest usages.

We get this question from time to time regarding matching the most affordable rate of Botox or Juvederm. It isn’t a typical question, but it shows up possibly once per month or so. I figure it deserves addressing.

So if time is on your side, and you can wait it out – think about waiting a bit to see if Botox will help your body in fixing these deep fixed wrinkles. Nevertheless, if there’s a due date (unique event showing up), a few of our clients would think about dermal fillers such as Belotero or Juvederm. Much of this usage would be considered off-Label-FDA use. Dermal fillers within the wrinkles will assist smooth them out!



So the long answer is that we hope that we are considered the best value.” But all this depends on exactly what clients worth. It may be different than what I might value. So I can certainly understand different definitions of value when it concerns Botox injections.

I hear this problem from time to time. Botox has a tough time with certain creases in the glabellar complex – as well as in the crows feet. Why? since for me, it doesn’t appear to work very well on static lines.

Lowest Botox Cost matching?

Dynamic lines are wrinkles that are created with movement. Static lines are wrinkles which are present even when the muscle is at rest – unwinded. Botox main system is to unwind the muscle. Although, I have seen Botox’s effect on possibly tightening skin – however that’s a various topic.


Glabella and Crows Feet

I likewise believe that with some persistence static lines can lessen over routine use of Botox – perhaps after the 3rd or 4th time of getting Botox over 1 year. I wouldn’t let too much time lapse in between botox treatments. I don’t think necessarily MORE botox per session is the answer – however maybe more thorough use of Botox – or possibly a more disciplined” method to Botox scheduling. Don’t forget to schedule your Botox Appointment with us in Modesto, CA.

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