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Damaging Habits To Stop Brain Damage

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  Damaging Habits To Stop Immediately To Save Brain Damage!

Many of us are aware that there are still people who avoid it very often, you have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

After spending the night sleeping, without food.

Long period sleep deprivation accelerates brain cell death. Always make sleeping well a priority, your brain needs to get rest from the stress and responsibilities throughout the day.

You can not always be aware of how much sugar the food and drinks you consume contain. Sugar destroys the ability of the body to absorb nutrients which leads to malnutrition and brain disorders. Avoiding sugar will provide your body and brain with great health benefits.

Whenever bloating and most important -hardening of the brain arteries, overeating can be very dangerous as it leads to weight gain.

Smoking is the worst habits for the brain. It causes brain shrinkage and dementiarelated problems including Alzheimer’s disease. Depriving your brain from oxygen by covering your head while sleeping, increases the risk of inhaling excess carbon dioxide. Of course since you are sleeping you can not feel the lightheadedness caused by air deprivation.

Try to avoid spending since constant inhalation of polluted air causes oxygen deprivation for the brain and it affects its normal function.


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