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Food Choices For People With High Blood Pressure

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Food Choices For People With High Blood Pressure Tell you eight foods that said, this combination can reduce by 15percent the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. Spinach, sunflower seeds, and legumes like grey beans, whitish beans, greenish đạu … all contain magnesium, is important in helping to maintain and reduce blood pressure. Usually, in those foods also have potassium, is also predominantly against high blood pressure. Actually the use of blood pressure reduction of food are all located in the substance potassium. So, by potassium and sodium are two important elements affecting the decrease in blood pressure. Known sodium ratio will rise, that leads to increased blood pressure, if low blood potassium concentrations. Will promote the process of waste article to elements of excess sodium in the blood, when the body is loaded enough potassium intake needed. Essentially, while eating potassium rich foods also quite similar time. While noting the dosage accordingly, So in case you plan to use the functional foods that contain potassium.


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