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Home Remedies To Reduce Body Heat

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Health You may not like sweating a lot but did you know that I know it’s the most effective ways to keep your body heat in check!

Health Body heat is also known as heat stress.

The temperature of our body needs to lie between the normal range of  37 degrees Celsius.

Sometimes such factors as hot and humid weather, so if you do not take proper measures to bring down your body heat. You may not have to suffer from heat stroke. Here are some home remedies to reduce body heat. You can have such symptoms as weakness, lethargy, dizziness, headache, nausea, muscle cramps, excessive sweating and a rapid heartbeat, when you suffer from increased body heat.

Health Dehydration can be called a cause as well as an outcome of raised body heat.

It’s always recommended to drink water in such circumstances.

Move to a shady place or some other place that has a number of cool air and shade if you are in the sun for longer. Sponging with cool water is perhaps the next thing that could be done to remove body heat. There are some more remedies to reduce body heat. Notice, it’s natural, water reduces heat. As a matter of fact, water is a single way that can bring down high temperatures. It is whatever remedy you are planning to use to reduce body heat, it will include water in some or the other form.

Health To use water in its pure form, what must you do? Here’s the answer. Grab a glass full of cool water and drink it, as long as you realize that the temperature of your body has increased to an abnormal level. Known have one more glass of water, if that doesn’t quench your thirst. Now take a foot bath and fill it with water till halfway. Did you hear of something like this before? Add some ice cubes to this water. Soak your feet in this tub and relax. Eventually, keep on drinking water frequently till your body heat is reduced to normal levels. Let me tell you something. Have some substitute like the ones that was given in the below remedies to reduce body heat, a lot of plain water.

Coconut water is super hydrating.

Undoubtedly it’s low in calories and is cholesterol free.

You can have as much of coconut water as you like. Having more potassium than four bananas, the natural sweet nutty flavored coconut water also balances electrolytes in your body. Remember, thus, it’s a great remedy for dehydration which almost always accompanies body heat. It helps prevent and treats the loss of a couple of minutes or so, if required. You can consume water from 3- 4 coconuts in a day when you suffer from body heat. That said, this water is harmless and is easily digestible. Ok, and now one of the most important parts. Loads of researches have shown that vitamin C or ascorbic acid helps human body respond to heat stress positively. Treats heat rashes that are already present on your body, it not only reduces the likelihood of developing heat related illnesses like heat rash and heat exhaustion. You are able to shorten the length of time taken by your body to adjust to a tally new hotter environment, when you take proper amounts of vitamin C daily.

With that said, this might be being that the reason that vitamin C helps sweat glands not to get tired soon.

It has also been shown to lower body temperature effectively.

What else than lemon can be p source of having vitamin C, especially when you should lower down your body heat. Nothing can beat a watermelon, whenever it gets to water based fruits. Nonetheless, it’s delicious Undoubtedly it’s 95 water! What more can you have in place of water! Then, being that you need to have a lot of water in the course of the time when your body temperature is high, you can depend upon watermelon when you get bored from drinking water and its substitutes.

You can eat water, in the kind of watermelon! Cut it into slices and have ‘1-2’ slices or even more if you feel like. Have the cooled watermelon slices now and hereupon to counter your body heat. Blend the slices of watermelon to get a smoothie and have it with a dash of lemon juice and some mint leaves, if you don’t like eating them. Cucumber is a similar food that helps you beat the heat, apart from watermelon. Now this summer vegetable having a fresh and crunchy taste can That’s a fact, it’s extremely low in calories with minimal amounts of sugar, carbohydrates and fats and has high levels of vitamin B, phosphorus, calcium, zinc and identical minerals. You can have this watery vegetable whenever you think your body is high on temperature. Peel, cut and blend cucumber pieces to make a fresh cucumber juice. Add a dash of lemon juice or have it as Undoubtedly it’s. Both ways, it will reduce your body heat. As a result, slice cucumber and make a salad. You can also p your sandwich and burger with cucumber slices. Whip the slices of cucumber to make a quick spread. With all that said… Add some lemon, mint and yogurt to make it more flavorful and cool. Considering the above said. Another crunchy salad vegetable, radishes are not as popular as cucumbers but they are, in no way, lesser effective in reducing body heat. With all that said… Radishes have a very high water content, almost similar to cucumbers, and are also a rich source of vitamin How vitamin C is good in reducing body heat is mentioned in an earlier remedy that talked about lemon for body heat reduction. Notice that additionally, therefore this vitamin is rich in antioxidant and ‘antiinflammatory’ properties.

Rich source of potassium, radish can also together with some mint and lemon juice to make radish juice, And so it’s a known fact, both mint and peppermint have amazing cooling and relaxing properties. Additionally, you get refreshed being that their aroma when you are tired and exhausted due to raised body temperatures. In summers, mint is used to relieve indigestion and inflammation and thus you can have these traditional herbs that are used by herbalists world over to soothe mind and body. Having it as chilled tea would’ve been most beneficial when you try to reduce body heat, while you can have mint or peppermint in a lot of ways. Just think for a moment. Boil the water and add mint or peppermint leaves to this.

Put off the flame, cover and let it steep till the time it cools down completely.

Strain and add ice cubes to this.

Actually, you can also keep it in refrigerator to chill it up. You might also make it a little sweet by adding 12 honey tsp. Also, you can even soak in soothing cooling peppermint water to lower down your body temperature, if you so like. Add the peppermint infused water to the bath water. Soak yourself in this water for about 20-30 minutes. Referred to as ‘divine fruit’, pomegranate had been traditionally used by many ancient medicines like Ayurveda to treat various bodily conditions including body heat. Some info can be found easily on the web. The water laden pulp surrounding any seed of pomegranate might explain why it’s used to reduce body heat.

High water content isn’t only one advantage of pomegranate.

This fruit is a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium as well as has antiviral and anti bacterial properties.

It not only reduces body heat but is also useful for people suffering from low blood pressure. Needless to say, have pomegranate fruit seeds while enjoying its heavenly taste. Make juice by blending pomegranate seeds and drink it, ‘3 4’ times a day. Sugarcane is loaded with natural glucose and electrolytes. I’d say if you feel lethargic and weak due to heat stress, grab a glass of sugarcane juice since it is an instant energy booster. It miraculously cools down your body, even during harsh summers. Therefore, it also fights dehydration effectively being that the presence of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, and manganese. That’s a fact, it’s a perfect drink to replenish lost electrolytes and water. What more, even if you are diabetic, you can have sugarcane juice without worries due to its low glycaemic index!

Have plain sugarcane juice. I know it’s naturally sweet and very tasty and thus no need to add anything else to this juice! Poppy seed, an oilseed derived from the opium poppy, is used as condiment in cooking. These seeds have nutty and pleasant taste but are entirely free from any sinister consequences of poppy plant products similar to opium poppy. You can have them without worries. They are loaded with various plant derived chemical compounds and have ‘antioxidant’, disease preventing and health benefiting properties. They also have a cooling effect on your body and effectively regulate your body temperature which only helps in reducing body heat. Grind the poppy seeds using a little water to get a paste like consistency. As a matter of fact, you can add any other cooling herb or spice to it when grinding to make it more flavorful.

Add a few mint leaves and a dash of lemon juice to poppy seeds paste and use it as a delicious spread. You can also add a little ginger and pepper to make it a little spicy! Buttermilk, a byproduct of the butter churning process, is a tremendously healthy drink. Clear your doubts and know that That’s a fact, it’s the water content that is left behind after the butter is churned out of curd, So if you had been under the impression that it’s a mixture of butter and milk and thus fattening. Not only it’s loaded with calcium, ‘Bvitamins’, and potassium, it also contains probiotics that supports digestive system and strengthens your overall health.

Buttermilk has amazing cooling properties that Now look, the seeds have many ‘phyto chemicals’ and polyphenolic flavonoids in them similar to orientin, vicenin and similar antioxidants. Now look, the essential oils like eugenol, citronellol, limonene, citral and terpineol present in these seeds make them healthy and beneficial for many conditions especially about acidity, indigestion and skin problems.

Rich in beta carotene, lutein, zeaxanthin, vitamin an and vitamin K, sabja seeds also have minerals like potassium, manganese, copper, calcium, folates, and magnesium.

These seeds are traditionally used by Ayurveda to lower body heat.

While during summers, sabja seeds are added to cool drinks like falooda, rooh afza, nimbu pani and sherbet, virtually, in India. Anyway, soak the sabja seeds in water for 30 minutes. Add more water, if you see lumps forming with seeds. Transparent gel like membrane forms around these sabja seeds, after soaking. Notice, take the glass of cold water and add lemon juice to this. Sandalwood is an aromatic wood with soothing and cooling properties.

Sandalwood oil or sandalwood paste has a calming and cooling effect not only on body also on mind, when used externally.

You can use sandalwood to reduce body heat as well as to relieve fever and burns.

Virtually, it’s also helpful in stopping excessive sweating. Add a little water to sandalwood powder to make a paste. Apply this paste on your forehead, chest, armpits and back. Leave it to dry. Sounds familiar? Wash it after it dries. As a matter of fact, Therefore if you don’t wash it therefore also it won’t harm you. Therefore if possible leave it on your body. You shouldn’t need to apply any fragrance when you use sandalwood paste on your body. Now regarding the aforementioned fact… Alternatively, you can rub a few drops of sandalwood oil on your forehead and chest. Add a few drops of sandalwood oil to a carrier oil like coconut, olive or jojoba oil and rub it on your forehead and chest to lower down your body temperature, I’d say in case this feels as long as you apply sandalwood on your body.

Banana has three natural ‘sugarssucrose’, fructose and glucose as well as a most of fiber.

Thus, that said, this tasty fruit gives you an instant boost of energy. Notice that whenever morning sickness, ulcers, stress, stroke, warts and similar It also helps you lose weigh and regulate body temperature, not only this, bananas can also lots of diseases and body conditions including depression, anemia, PMS, blood pressure, brain power, constipation, hangovers. Consequently, it’s a cooling fruit. That said, virtually, in Thailand, Surely it’s believed that if an expecting mother eats bananas, she will give birth to a baby having a cool temperature! Normally, eat 12 bananas daily, preferably in the morning. So this will not only give you a much needed energy boost for the day but also will won’t prevent sweating and an awful lot of water everyday.

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