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How To Eliminate Phlegm Naturally

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I’m perfectly capable of drinking a slew of tea and coffee whilst I busying myself at work.

I can also carefully sipmy way through a few glasses wine over a couple of hours, whilst out with friends or enjoying a nice meal indoors.

Give me a litre of water to drink, in any situation, and I find it really ugh to get through it. And therefore foremost, the patient must avoid smoking and stay away from smokers as well.

While lowering their resistance to disease and allowing harmful bacteria from the atmosphere to attack the body, even passive smoking can irritate the bronchial tubes.

By the way, a change in weather conditions can also lead to this condition.

Other causes include the use of drugs for other medical conditions, work in a stuffy atmosphere and occasionally hereditary factors.

You can consume half a teaspoon of turmeric powder dissolved in warm milk and had on an empty stomach, with the intention to eliminate phlegm in the chest.

Now this process can be repeated twice or thrice a day for best results. Accordingly the expectorant properties of onions make them an excellent remedy for this condition as they have the ability to liquefy phlegm and prevent it from reforming. Another good way to consume onions my be to crush them and extract the juice which can consequently be had on an empty stomach nearly any morning. Known a teaspoon almost any day gonna be sufficient. Needless to say, powder a little ginger, pepper and cloves and add a little honey to the mixture and use once or twice nearly any day. Crush a little ginger and take one the juice teaspoon extracted. That’s where it starts getting really interesting. Mix it with a pinch of pepper and consume thrice a day. Include fresh fruits and vegetables, particularly spinach as the latter works as an expectorant. Nevertheless, avoid yoghurt and identical sour food products and venturing out in the rain and cold. Inhaling steam once a day will also relieve the nasal cavity and help clear up the phlegm. Now look. Avoid tea, coffee, all caffeinated drinks and alcohol as these may cause the phlegm to dry up making it difficult for you to get it out. Now please pay attention. Try an application of moist heat on the chest for some relief from the phlegm.

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