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How To Eliminate Ringworm

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Depending upon severity of ringworm infection, more than one patch can develop, and these can sometimes overlap.

Antifungal treatments are essential in order to kill off infection causing ringworm. Also, while conforming to doctors at Mayo Clinic, fungal infection that causes ringworm is spread through direct contact with an infected person. Of course it’s also possible that pets with ringworm and similar animals infected with disease can transmit it to humans. To make an aloe vera ointment to eliminate ringworm symptoms thanks to its antifungal effect. As a matter of fact, in clinical studies, colloidal silver was just as effective as medications that are used to treat ringworm. Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology showed that silver nanoparticles in colloidal silver killed off dermatophytes strain of fungi. Known study found that colloidal silver was just as effective as antifungal activity of fluconazole. Apply colloidal silver ‘antiringworm’ cream to affected area 2 times a day. 2004 study suggested that a combination of honey, olive oil, and beeswax should treat skin fungal infections when applied topically. Honey is a known antifungal ingredient that is great to heal quite a lot of skin conditions. It creates a powerful healing ointment for treating ringworm skin infections, when it’s combined with healing power of beeswax and olive oil. You can make sure how to make to honey, olive oil, and beeswax treatment for ringworm infections, in my article about p natural remedies for jock itch. Furthermore, applying honey is also good for treating other skin conditions like shingles, cold sores, rosacea and minor burns. Therefore, top-notch defense against ringworm is to prevent it spreading first of all.

Have a great personal hygiene regime and keep your skin clean and dry. In any circumstances do not walk in public areas barefoot. Avoid sharing combs, towels, equipment, and clothing. Make sure you scratch suggestions about it below. Take him/her to a vet to check for ringworm, if your pet has patches of missing hair. Ringworm usually takes around 2 weeks to clear up. Itchy, ‘blister like’ bumps remain on your skin after 2 treatment weeks, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor, if you still have dark red. Of course it’s very important, especially if rash starts to spread and you notice that skin swelling becomes worse and pus starts to form on infected skin.FACP.pd=!0.


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