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How To Fix Feminine Odor

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<p>how to fix feminine odor My vaginal odour really is gross.

Whenever washing with only water and wearing cotton underwear but it still stinks, I’ve tried things like eating ‘sugar free’ yoghurt everyday.

It gets to the stage where I’m washing so many pairs of panties and jeans any week as long as the smell sticks to them. I’m very nervous about preparing to the doctor to figure out if it’s an infection though as I’m extremely self concious and my doctor is a man. You can find some more information about it on this website. What must I do?

My partner used to hate my vagina during sex because of this.

I went to doctor without doing nothing although I was shy. Basically, doctor noticed my vaginal odor like a fish when she examined. Also, she has recommended two things. I would not wear underwear when sleeping. Second, I would wash my vagina with only water. I have done them and hereupon I have got rid of fishy odor that belongs to my vagina. Do these suggestions and eliminate it. Loads of individuals might say ‘OMG I’m not doing that’ but if you suffer from a blocked nose, have cold, get that post nasal drip or sinusitis like I do which not only blocks everything up but makes you feel tired and run down therefore this will very much.

<p>how to fix feminine odor Practicing good hygiene is very good things you can do to eliminate and prevent the significant problem of a smelly vagina.

The active ingredients in Secret Ceres stimulate the body’s own cleansing system to promote naturally hygienic internal flora.

While working with your body to create the healthiest conditions possible, unlike douches, that can throw off your pH levels, Secret Ceres helps to balance the pH. Anyways, whenever using Secret Ceres in combination with regular washing, will result in excellent vaginal hygiene and greatly reduce any bad vaginal odor you’ve been experiencing, with a gentle additive free soap. Sometimes the cause of the odor ain’t as easy to spot as an infection. Vaginas can produce an unpleasant smell for various reasons, one of which is poor air circulation. Now please pay attention. It needs to breathe just like any other part of your body, and it’s hard for it do so when constricted by tight underwear. Plain cotton panties are p choice to let your vagina breath. You can even sleep in the nude for a few nights and get air to your vagina that way, So in case you’re brave. Sometimes all you should do is air it out a tad, identical way you’d air out old linens to get them smelling fresh again, to fix a smelly vagina.

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