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How To Prevent Cholesterol

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Most experts advise this as a primary recommendation and pay little attention to a person’s diet. As when many people quit smoking, that’s unfortunate they end up replacing cigarettes with junk foods and may end up gaining a significant percentage of weight, that in many ways is just as harmful to your health. In most cases, independent researchers have reported that So there’re just as many nonsupportive research trials as look, there’re supportive trials and the ‘non supportive’ research had been largely ignored while the supportive trials are being cited 6 times more frequently. While such research does exist, it has also been brought to light that there had been NO ‘non supportive’ research cited after 1970. By suppressing cholesterol, you’re only adding the real problem and taking one step closer to death.

We might start seeing some major improvements in our health and ‘health care’ system, I’d say if modern medicine should place a little more focus on understanding Hypothyroidism and the underlying cause of the disease instead of doing best in order to merely treat these various symptoms. Statin Drugs particularly are linked to an increased risk of. Maybe you’re a betting man and you’re willing to take the risk of developing any of these other health problems and you truly consider that cholesterol lowering drugs are saving your life. You are hypothyroid, with a cholesterol of 315 and given your symptoms. This is where it starts getting very interesting. Drug manufacturers have published loads of research to persuade your doctor to prescribe you their cholesterol lowering drugs and to consequently you’ll die a little later from Cancer or Heart Disease. Now please pay attention. Even if, by any stretch of the imagination, cholesterol lowering drugs were to improve your risk of dying from Heart Disease, you may just be increasing your risk of developing cancer or amidst the many other degenerative diseases.

Using cholesterol lower drugs or even suppressing your cholesterol through diet does NOT solve the underlying problem of Hypothyroidism.

I think I missed something.

I notice other readers mentioning the gall bladder. Is there a connection with hypothyroid and gull bladder? I’ve had an unexplainable on/off pain in my gall bladder area for a couple of years. Ultra sound showed normal gall bladder and liver so I’ve always wondered what it should be appreciated! Oftentimes I have hypothyroidism thats being treated by Armour. Just as long as a study may show that people with elevated cholesterol have a higher risk of Heart Disease, it does not IMPLY that cholesterol is the CAUSE of Heart Disease.

Here’s why so many men at high risk of Heart Disease suffer from low testosterone and many associated symptoms including. So that’s also why so many women at high risk of Heart Disease suffer from low progesterone and many associated symptoms including. Between the extremely high prevalence of Hypothyroidism and the extremely high use of Statin Drugs and identical cholesterol lowering medications, So it’s no wonder that day we’re seeing more cases of Hypothyroidism being misdiagnosed and mistreated. It only makes matters worse since as you suppress cholesterol, you further suppress your body’s ability to produce those vital protective hormones that you desperately need to survive. I want to ask you something. Maybe you still consider that the lower your cholesterol the better?

Cases just like the one below reported in the Annals of Internal Medicine are becoming a regular day occurrence.

If you are hypothyroid and therefore lack active T3 thyroid hormone consequently your body simply can not use cholesterol to make the hormones it needs.

Of not being able to use cholesterol, it naturally rises. High cholesterol is nothing more than a symptom of the real problem. I used to have high cholesterol and high triglycerides. One day I had a gall bladder attack that sent me to the hospital. Known after, I researched how to rid of gall stones. It is the main answers I got were to consume apple cider vinegar, and natural fats and to aviod processed oils. Doesn’t it sound familiar? My cholesterol actually dropped after that,? Low cholesterol is also associated with increased death due to both cancer and suicide. Your body NEEDS active T3 thyroid hormone to use cholesterol. This is the case. Mostly there’s now evidence that Statin Drugs do NOT prevent heart disease and some even show that they actually worsen your risk, because of independent research. Below are just a couple of studies showing this. I am sure that the regression line describing the relationship between mortality benefit and risk suggests that statin use will be associated with an increase in mortality of 1 in 10 years.

With that said, this would be sufficiently large to negate statin’s beneficial effect on CHD mortality in patients with a CHD event risk less than 13percent was a lot of independent research groups that have analyzed the research data that these drug companies are using to promote the effectiveness of their cholesterol lowering drugs in preventing Heart Disease.
Their results tell a huge different story. We could go on for days about cholesterol and heart disease but the bottom line is simple, correct the underlying problem of Hypothyroidism and you won’t have to worry about Heart Disease. So this only goes to show you that if there’s research that does NOT support the efficacy of the drug, it can simply be ignored and disregarded to obtain the desired statistical results. It’s a well it’s sufficient to say that Hypothyroidism is also the true underlying cause of Heart Disease, I just explained how Hypothyroidism is the underlying cause of high cholesterol.

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