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How To Stop Sneezing Naturally

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HealthSneezing or sternutation should be your body’s one of a kind defence mechanisms but it’s irritating, especially when it doesn’t stop or when you frequently get to sneezing!

Why do you sneeze?

It’s as something irritates or tickles the inside of your nose. Therefore this tickling sends a report to a special part of your brain known as sneeze center which in turn sends signals to all the muscles needed to perform this very complicated process called sneezing. These muscles consequently work together and expel out the foreign object out of your nose. That’s an amazingly fast process where sneezing can fly out the tiny particles out of your nose at a speed of up to 100 miles per hour! Sneezing, most often occur due to allergic reactions to airborne substances like pollen, mold, pet dander or dust that can all cause the prominent condition known as allergic rhinitis.

Health It’s generally called hay fever or seasonal allergy as That’s a fact, it’s more common in the spring when the percentage of pollen is high in the atmosphere, when this allergy is due to pollen.

There’s one more cause of sneezing, a funny one!

Quite a few people sneeze when they step out in sun or when exposed to bright light! Such people are called photic sneezer and it’s a genetic issue where this sneezing habit runs in family. That is interesting. You may sometime sneeze when you step out in sun or are exposed to bright light, even if you are not a photic sneezer. For example, that’s as long as dozens of us have some sensitivity to light that can always trigger a sneeze. While you can always avoid sneezing as well as allergies by avoiding the triggers and known allergens but I know it’s always not possible to do so.

Health You’ll be handed over such drugs that fall in the category of anti histamines, decongestants and even nasal steroid sprays, Therefore in case you go to the doctor.

If, however, you are a frequent sneezer or start sneezing at the drop of a hat, you can’t always depend upon the medicines!

You can not always have medicines and that we have some such natural remedies for sneezing for you. Stinging nettle is high in iron, calcium, potassium, manganese, and vitamins A, C, and Apart from being so nutritive, it has astringent, diuretic, tonic, and antihistamine properties therefore this makes nettle an effective remedy for allergic rhinitis and relieves you of not only sneezing also of all the associated symptoms including itchy, watery eyes. Nettle will also throughout the hay fever season.

If possible, make nettle tea by steeping the herb in hot water and adding honey, the local honey.

Have ‘2 3′ cups a day. Take ’12’ capsules, preferably of ‘freeze dried’ nettle extract. Repeat this after nearly any 24″ hours determined by the severity of sneezing. Precaution. Kids lesser than 12 age years shouldn’t be given more than one capsule in a day. Therefore, this yet another herb, chamomile is a natural antihistamine as well as a mild sedative. Now let me tell you something. While making a cup of chamomile tea for yourself before bedtime will not only get you rid of sneezing but will also make you sleep better through the night, I’d say in case you are sneezing all the day long. Needless to say, you may also have it during daytime. Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine and thus helps lower the production of histamine in your body. Accordingly the allergens urge your body to produce histamines that lead to sneezing and identical symptoms of allergy, as you now know. Having a glass of lemon juice mixed water or orange juice might type of capsules or tablets.

Health Consult your doctor for the right dosage.

Pollen, dust and similar whatever goes into your nose and irritates it, is identified as a foreign invader by your overall health.

It after that, starts producing antibodies to combat it. These antibodies lead the immune cells to release inflammatory compounds like histamine that cause allergic symptoms like sneezing, runny and stuffy nose. Eventually, inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose can be easily countered with steam inhalation. Now this will reduce inflammation as well as relieve stuffiness with stopping sneezes. Take the bowl of hot water and place it on some even surface like table. Have you heard about something like this before? The steam doesn’t escape since Tilt towards the bowl keeping your towel in such position as will cover the bowl therefore this will reduce inflammation and will also clear off your nasal passage there’re many essential oils that have just the right combination of properties to stop sneezing as well as to cure allergies that cause sneezing. Peppermint oil is one such oil that has excellent antibacterial properties. You can breathe easily because It also naturally decongests and helps open airways. For instance, easing congestion also stops sneezing. Inhale steam coming out of it by covering your head with towel. Eventually, it will clear your nasal passages and stop sneezing. Oftentimes another decongestant oil having immune boosting properties, lavender oil is just perfect for sneezing remedy. It not only helps clear congestion but also helps boost your health to keep off allergies. It can also weaken the histamine response that causes sneezing. Therefore, dab one Lavender drop essential oil in both of your nostrils.

With that said, this may relieve sneezing instantly.

Alternately, take one lavender drop essential oil on your finger and swipe it on the inside of your cheek.

Therefore this helps stop sneezing as well as relieves runny nose in just a few minutes. You may also smell the oil’s aroma after pouring its drops on a cotton ball if you are uncomfortable with putting oil into your nostrils or inside your cheek. Just like the citrus fruits, the citrus oils should be the reason behind your sneezing problem. What more, lemon oil also helps build your immunity. Inhale the oil directly or by adding it to hot water and inhaling the steam. You may also use it as dietary supplement by adding the drops to some water and drinking it daily.

Just apply the oil directly to your nostrils undiluted or after diluting with some other oil like olive oil.

You must try a strong remedy by blending all the three essential oils that were just discussed separately, Therefore in case you are a habitual sneeze sufferer or often caught by seasonal allergies.

You have seen how they and similar allergy symptoms as well as build your immunity so we certainly should use them together! Fact, place all the oils in the diffuser and diffuse them. Notice that add all of them to the veg capsule and swallow with some water.

Ginger with its ‘anti inflammatory’, analgesic, antioxidant, and anti emetic properties had been a favorite remedy since ancient times for various conditions including allergies.

It’s amid the oldest remedies for viral diseases and nasal problems including sneezing.

Its antihistamine properties now this can be among the quick home remedies for your sneezing problem I’d say in case your sneezing is due to common cold. Take the resulting paste onto a spoon or in a small bowl.

Inhale the strong smell coming out of this garlic paste. So this will clear of the nasal passage and similar toxin and you should be able to stop sneezing. Fenugreek provides soothing effect on the mucous membranes of your irritated nose. It relieves its irritation and in the process, breaks up the mucous congestion. Let me tell you something. That said, this not only stops sneezing but also gives you relief from other symptoms like runny and stuffy nose. Known as a matter of fact, the anti viral properties of fenugreek seeds can cure cold Actually the warm water used to make such saline solution will also soothe your irritated mucus membranes of the nose thus curing inflammation.

You will thus not only save yourself from sneezing but also from all the other symptoms of seasonal allergy. I’d say if using, add salt and baking soda, to the warm water. Now fill this warm saline water into the device that you have selected to douche your nose. Take in few drops in it and put it into one of your nostrils and drain it off after a couple of seconds, if using a dropper. Repeat with the other nostril. Now look. Keep on doing for a lot of rounds till you feel relieved. With all that said… Process remains more or less similar, if using squeeze bottle. Lean over a bowl or a sink and tilt your head wards one side, when using toneti pot. Keep your mouth open for breathing while you let the water pour into your nostril.

Adjust your head and tilt it so that the water starts draining off from the other nostril into the sink. Whenever pouring the saline water and hereupon draining it out from the second nostril that lies downside wards the floor, now repeat with the other nostril. It’s better to learn neti pot usage form some yoga expert. Besides, this saline rinse will keep your nostrils free primarily. A well-known fact that is. Add the drops of oil of oregano to your choice of juice. Nevertheless, have a glass of such juice daily to relieve sneezing, especially the one caused by sinus infection. There’s a lot more information about it on this site. It’s a decent idea to prevent the thing altogether, apart from all the above mentioned home remedies to stop sneezing.

Did you know that the first step that you can take is to avoid all the triggers or the allergens that give you sneeze, to prevent your sneezing. We have you have to stop using wall to wall carpets, down filled blankets, and even feather pillows. Essentially, these all things catch dust that goes into your nostrils and make you sneeze. Also, wash the curtains of your house frequently with hot water. Furthermore, they not only catch dust and pollens and all that stuff also have dust mites that can give you severe allergies and continuous sneezing. You should better clean them properly, as you can’t do away with curtains. Oftentimes keep your mattresses covered with dust proof covers. Nevertheless, use a damp cloth that the dust doesn’t fly off and enters your nostrils, whenever dusting your furniture. On p of this, invest in a filter that can efficiently remove airborne particles, if possible. During hayfever season, avoid intending to open spaces like parks and stuff Where there’re lots of pollens. Of course stress also leads to compromised immunity and make you allergy prone. Avoid stress to avoid allergy and prevent sneezing if you are a photic sneezer and sneeze whenever you step out in sun or exposed to bright light.

Try keeping your eyes away from sun or the source of light. Focus on something which is darker. Off to you have to stop breathing for these few seconds. You should take it into account. Now release your nose bridge from the hold of your fingers. By this time, your urge to sneeze has gone away. Now look, the moment you feel you are about to sneeze, touch the roof of your mouth with the tip of your tongue.

Tickle the tongue over this area of your mouth roof just for few seconds. Your sneeze will stop halfway and shall not show up. Place your index finger and middle finger just below your nostrils while applying firm pressure on the bow of your upper lip. Let it be in this position for about 10 seconds or a little more. You see, now remove the fingers to find yourself free of sneezing. You may also just pinch your upper lip lightly with your thumb and forefinger and press it upward ward your nostrils. Basically, just wiggle your ear lobe gently whenever a sneeze is mostly about to come. Putting light pressure on ears should also be emphasized that sneezing is a defense mechanism of your body and it saves you from many unwanted things that you don’t look for inside your body. Attempting to stop sneeze every time may lead to grave health problems later.

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