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Natural Treatment For Dealing with Discomfort In The Spine And Joints!

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HealthThis Is The Best Natural Treatment For Dealing with Pain In The Spinal column And Joints! This is an old natural treatment that well make you forget you ever had painful joints.Get a handful of blue clay blended with apple cider vinegar, then diluted with water with a number of nettle leaves that are first minced or ground down. When it’s all over put the mix on a cloth or nylon. Put some olive oil on the uncomfortable place and after that use this mixture. Repeat this for seven days and the pain will disappear.Blue clay has recovery properties and stimulates the body’s defense reaction. Ill or hurt animals, for example, constantly seek soil including clay to’bury’an uncomfortable part of the body and always they unmistakably find it. Today, the healing power of clay is recognized by medication given that it is understood that clay contains numerous mineral salts and trace elements, followed by aluminum, potassium, silicon, calcium, salt, iron, silver, magnesium, copper and lead.

Clay helps in injury healing, getting rid of impurities from tissues, blood and lymph flow and secures from radioactivity.Clay helps with many diseases.anemia, breathing illness, arteriosclerosis, digestive tract illness, poisoning, ulcer, excess stomach acid, skin changes, loss of hair, unpleasant menstruation etc.

Clay is used as a compress; blended with pure water, make a medium thick paste that you use on the sore spot. It is essential to note that the clay should not be kept in metal containers or combined with metal spoon. Contact with metal alters its properties.If you have problems with your knees or spinal column, be relentless. In addition to ‘drawing out’discomfort, clay and has amazing power of regrowth of cartilage might help with illness that you doctors suggest surgery or some which are deserted. In this case, be patient use the clay for at least a few months.


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