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Patients With Hypertension Must Know

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Patients With Hypertension Undoubtedly it’s a sign that you have high blood pressure, So in case your blood pressure measured regularly and found two blood pressure values above 160 mm Hg maximum ≥ & blood pressure ≥ 100mmHg minimum. Evolutions silently and entail more serious complications, hypertension patients Undoubtedly it’s necessary to change the lifestyle, activities, exercise and nutrition. Hundreds of the cases of patients with high blood pressure are very few symptoms manifest outside. Only a few people suffer from high blood pressure early can suffer headaches, dizziness or nosebleeds. People mostly discovered the disease by measuring blood pressure regularly by checking blood pressure at the Medical Center to check in with the blood type pressure in the apartments.

Blood pressure measurements are expressed in units of mmHg and consists of two indicators. First index, called the maximum blood pressure or minimum blood pressure or blood pressure, the pressure rating of the artery when the heart muscle. Blood pressure is considered high when the maximum blood pressure ≥ 160mmHg and minimum blood pressure ≥ 100mmHg. Nonetheless, maximum blood pressure from 140-159mmHg and minimum blood pressure ’90 99mmHg’ is called high blood pressure. As a result, to draw conclusions about the cause of high blood pressure is very controversial. So, high blood pressure first to often difficult and almost failed to determine the cause. Of course, secondary hypertension can do is affected by a few diseases similar to kidney disease, adrenal tumors, congenital heart defects, or affected by similar to oral contraceptives, treatment of colds. Sounds familiar? Enhance sports stadium.


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