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The Truth About Excess Sex And Hair Loss

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It’s an interesting fact that the pages within this menu been carefully chosen to provide you with everything that you about men’s hair loss.

Actually, we hope that the options are helpful to you. Amongst the main theories regarding sexual activity and hair loss is that �excessive’ ejection of seminal fluid may lead to a protein deficiency in the body, and thus hair loss.

It is seminal fluid is composed of around 90percent water and 10percent protein and protein is responsible for the growth and repair of quite a few of the body’s tissues, including hair. Shan’t reduce the overall protein levels of most men. Considering the above said. So hair generally gets the protein it needs to maintain a healthy condition through proper nutrition and perhaps supplements for hair growth The average daily need for protein is estimated at around 56g per day even though protein has many roles to play in the body.

Hair loss affects 8 in 10 men at some point in their lifetime and male pattern baldness is the main offender. It’s not the result of a lack of protein that causes the progressive condition, Undoubtedly it’s a little byproduct of the male sex hormone, testosterone, called DHT. Cue another popular ‘sexrelated’ hair loss theory -sex and masturbation increase testosterone levels which lead to the production of more dihydrotestosterone, that in turn causes hair loss. Undoubtedly it’s not true, with that said, this theory is very �Confucius says’. For instance, high testosterone levels aren’t the root problem and are not what instigate DHT to cause hair loss. It’s all to do with your genes -and I’m not referring to how tight you wear them.

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