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Things You Are Doing That Are Killing Your Kidneys That You Should Better Stop Doing Immediately

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Waste leave body in your urine, if properly filtered.

While in accordance with to experts, your input of fluids affects your output of fluids. So, and, it is main reason why urine tests are most common way doctors diagnose kidney injuries, damage and similar diseases. So, drink a lot of water nearly any day! Besides, you’ve probably heard that one before, right?! Well yes, it’s always been known that dehydration correlates to low kidney function however until recently, it was thought that rehydrating would fully restore kidney function.

Recent study has revealed that recurring dehydration can lead to chronic kidney disease.

And, now when you know that dehydration hurts your kidneys, you can be tempted to turn to soft drinks as a source of more fluids.

Be careful, as long as drinking fructose-glucose rich soda, and additives in diet soda can actually damage your kidneys. Recent study has confirmed that patients who consumed naturally sweetened soft drinks showed an increased risk of chronic kidney disease.


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