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Using Baking Soda On Face

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It’s a write brownish sugar and baking soda you can wash your face daily and anyway and has truly made an improvement in my overall clear complexion, baking soda does not burn. I recommend using baking soda twice a week on your face, otherwise you may find your skin to be a bit dry. On the days I don’t add the baking soda I just wash with coconut oil and light brown sugar. Not only is this mixture great for your skin it’s also very inexpensive and great for your wallet. Purchasing three ingredients like these will last you for at least two months if not more. I have to say that if you have ever had the struggle of breakouts and just can’t seem to find a regiment to get your skin clear, try this.

I highly recommend it and I can say this since I lots of people consider that putting oil onto your face will make it oilier. Adding oil to your skin prevents your skin from having to create its own oil and moisture. Using coconut oil on your skin makes it feel soft, clean and refreshed. Seriously. It also helps to kill any bacteria in your pores, that is where most blemishes start. Not only is it great for acne it’s also great for anti aging and it smells delicious. Consequently, on p of using it in your hair as a hair mask once a week to put moisture back into dull and lackluster hair, you can also use coconut oil in your bathwater to moisturize your entire body.

Coconut oil has many amazing uses for your entire body, as you can see.

Adding dark brown sugar to your mix acts as a natural exfoliant by using the granules in the sugar to slough off any dry skin cells and clear out your pores.

As brownish sugar is very finely groundit’s very soft and does not irritate your skin. Sugar does not hurt your skin whatsoever, loads of exfoliating scrubs use large beads which can also be irritating to your skin. Known whenever making it ideal for supersensitive skin, dark brown sugar is gentler. On p of that the scalp, the privileges of a brownish sugar scrub extend not simply to the body. To make my face wash our use 1 coconut tablespoon oil and melt it in the microwave. I consequently add 1 baking tablespoon soda and 1 tablespoon of brownish sugar and mix it until it’s a nice consistency. Eventually, I do this all in a small mixing bowl and later use the mix on my face in circular motions.

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