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Vegetable Hair Packs Can Control Your Hair Fall

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And now here’s a question. Losing hair? Try these natural pastes you can make in the apartments to promote hair growth.  Onion contains high sulphur content which helps prevent the hair from breaking easily. That said, it thus controls hair fall. Consequently, squeeze an onion and take juice out of it. Add one to two honey teaspoons to it.

You can use rose water with onions, with the intention to do away with the odour.

Mix and apply it on your hair.

Keep it for 40 to 50 minutes. Wash your hair. Potato have protein which helps the hair become stronger from the root. Applying a pack created from it can do wonders to control hair fall. As a result, blend two to three potatoes and extract the juice. Add one honey tablespoon, one egg yolk and small quantity of water. Yes, that’s right! Mix them gether and leave it for 30 minutes on hair. Rinse it off with water. Apply fresh garlic juice on your scalp for effective hair care and hair ‘re growth’.


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