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What’s Really Better Fix For Constipation – Should You Take A Stool Softener Or A Laxative If You Cant Poop

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Must You Take A Stool Softener A Laxative If You Can’t Poop?

There’s nothing worse than that bloated, tight feeling in your gut when you just can’t poop.

When you’re struggling to relieve yourself, you’ll pretty much try anything to get your system running smoothly again. Chances are, you’ve considered a laxative to speed things up. And now here is the question. What’s the difference between a stimulant laxative, and a stool softener, that is also marketed to better fix for constipation?

Whenever using a stimulant laxative or a stool softener every once in a while ain’t a big deal, as long as you’re not relying upon them regularly.

Which one should you choose to cure your constipation when it does hit? Right choice depends on whether you’re having an onetime or chronic problem, says gastroenterologist Will Bulsiewicz. Notice, a stimulant laxative like bisacodyl or senna will do, if pooping was not generally a big problem for you and you just need some that aids in pushing your waste out. It is you don’t need to use these in case you are going to poop, that can create a laxative dependence.

Stool softeners like docusate work by reducing the hardness of stools, that should make them easier to pass.

They can if you have this condition. Treating this often requires physical therapy. How to tell if your are normal. Though, work on preventing constipation first of all, instead of relying on meds to easiest way to do so?

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