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You Know Microwaves Are Bad For You However This Is Exactly what You Didn’t Know

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Ladies and gentlemen, I actually think that you’ll be stunned when we inform you that (inning accordance with the current stats) more than 90% of American homes have microwave used for meal preparation. The microwave, or initially sold as Radaranges, use technology that passes electromagnetic waves through food, exciting the molecules and triggering them to move and heat up as they react to the microwave radiation.

Do you understand exactly what are microwaves?

Microwaves are electro-magnetic energy that take a trip at the speed of light. The magnetron in the microwave oven produces wave energy. This wave energy transforms polarity of molecules from positive to unfavorable. This polarity modifications millions of times every second in the microwave oven. How this works -well, these microwaves bombard the food molecules and makes the polarized molecules to radiate at the very same frequency millions of times every second. This friction heats up the food and also triggers’structural isomerism ‘, that is, structural damage of the food molecules.STUDY -a current research study, performed by the famous Swiss biologist and food researcher, Dr. Hans Hertel, has determined the effects of microwaved food. Here’s what you have to know- for eight weeks, 8 people resided in a regulated environment and periodically consumed raw foods, traditionally prepared foods and microwaved foods. Blood samples were tested after each meal. The microwaved food triggered significant changes in blood chemistry.You probably ask yourself- why food is often unevenly heated when taken out of the microwave? Well, we can respond to that question for you-the

uneven heating happens due to the fact that microwaves deal with whatever water particles exist, and since not all locations of food include the exact same quantity of water, heating becomes uneven.A group of professionals, at Stanford University, have actually investigated the effects of microwaving breast milk. They have actually found that microwaving human milk,

even at a low setting, can damage some of its crucial disease-fighting capabilities. They declared that besides heating, there were lots of other troubling alterations in the milk You need to likewise know that, in the early 1991, a suit was submitted against an Oklahoma health center after a client died from getting blood that was heated in a microwave oven. And, in Russia, microwave were prohibited in 1976 since of their negative result on health and wellbeing.

BOTTOM LINE -ladies and gentlemen, microwaves cause cancer and other diseases. They ruin the goodness in our food and damage our bodies. This implies that you ought to avoid them at all cost. Thank you for your time and do not forget to share.


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